I want something else. To get me through this. Life. Baby.

After returning my rental car to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (the Jackson part was added (see October 2003) to honor Mayor Maynard Jackson, who's dead now and was also the first black mayor of any southern city ever.), I took MARTA to Arts Center, and imbetween the College Park and East Point stops I saw this ad:

There are just too many variables involved in a scenario where a person is geeked in a dirty bathroom losing their virginity for it to be presented as such an unequivocally negative experience. It's like these guys were like, "OK, time to make a decision! What's more important? (1) Perpetuating creepy ideas about the impossible magic and romance of losing one's virginity (Which I believe is the scenario that this ad is trying to offer as the alternative to getting fucked while bent over a toilet bowl (Sounds pretty hot, right?). I could be wrong though. I have been before.) or (2) Making a flashy ad that does little other than trigger former meth-users and terrify children in an effort to aid in harm reduction?" EASY! FLASHY IDEAL-COMPROMISING AD WINS!

I mean, it just seems kind of counter productive. Unfortunately, I'm plagued with an impulse to assign almost everything with the same level of importance, and therefore, am deeply disappointed by this anti-drug effort which uses humiliation of other non-drug related deviations to nonsensically associate the perverted with mortally unhealthy.

So, like, am I supposed to think I'm not gonna look super hot smoking meth out of a broken light bulb at the Texaco station before I go to the punk show? I mean SERIOUSLY! THIS PHOTOGRAPHY IS GORGEOUS! It doesn't even make me think about drugs at all, it just makes me wonder which advertising agency is responsible for the aesthetic and which one of my friends they ripped off to achieve it.

In conclusion:

There have been a bunch of commercials on TV for it too. The organization responsible for this anti-meth campaign is called The Georgia Meth Project. You can see more of these crazy intense ads on their website. I highly recommend it. No pun intended.