I believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best criers ever.

Maybe that's why I woke up this morning from a terrible nightmare during which my son (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) had been quite obviously fatally wounded by what I assume to be a nuclear explosion. Half of the skin from his torso had been melted off, exposing his ribs and intestines. He was screaming, "Why does it have to hurt so bad? Why does it hurt so bad?" I held him while a doctor poured isopropyl alcohol onto his insides.

When I woke up from the dream, I felt like I'd had an inappropriate sex dream, not that I'd dreamed that a close family member had become a victim of war. Looking back now, I'm pleased to have experienced an enjoyable sensation, but disturbed by how little I was affected by the gore my unconscious so graphically depicted.

Anyways, since this dream had an erotic rather than a fearful/sorrowful effect, I stood a fair chance to have felt pleasantly introspective, enjoying my thoughts and the lovely weather, seeing brighter colors than usual... That is, if I hadn't also woken up with a huge and painful infection in my mouth.

I'll be visiting the Urgent Care area of SFGH tonight or tomorrow, as this infection seems worse than others and no one seems to think it's funny when I say, "Haha! I'm thinking of going septic." Which I guess makes sense once I think about it. I'm terrified that I'll wake up with a an abscess in my brain tomorrow.

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